Rings and bushings

Manufacturing a customized seal ring in link with specifications, and machining it to the required degree of flatness are not major engineering challenges. The problem is that the ring must remain flat to function regardless of application and environment. Wear resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to thermal shocks are the key material properties required for long-lasting, all-perfect pump function.

The unique combination of all these material characteristics has made cemented carbide the most widely used material in pump seals and bearing in the sewage, mining and process sectors.

Moreover, there is further potential to tailor cemented carbide for a vast range of environmental applications.

Cemented carbide can be made harder than the hardest steel, but yet remain tougher then ceramics.

Sandvik Hard Materials supplies more than 3 million bushing and seal rings per year, providing quality components to our customers around the world.

Add value to your pumps and drilling devices.
Sandvik Hard Materials’ high performance cemented carbide products improve the performance of your pumps and seals.

Complete product range
Sandvik Hard Materials’ product range includes blanks and a complete range of finishing operations, from simple grinding to demanding polishing.

Sandvik Hard Materials has a capacity to produce a range of seal ring sizes, from small to very large, in a variety of quantities.

Rings and bushings

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