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Sandvik Hard Materials is your productivity partner with a fully-integrated manufacturing process, from powder to finished tools. Our experience - in terms of customer requirements and the science of cemented carbide - gives us the unique ability to boost performance and develop optimized customer solutions. The unique composition of cemented carbide makes it the ideal tool material for forming and stamping in the can making process.

Our ongoing material development programs focus on providing manufacturers with products of superior quality and consistency. We strive to develop better performing grades and innovative finishing techniques that will continue to improve the quality of our products. We also ensure that our products are of high quality by rigorously controlling all of our processes, from raw material to the finished product.

No Boundaries: world coverage & peace of mind
Sandvik Hard Materials is working hard to create a truly global can tooling network by teaming up production units in Barcelona, Mexico City, Minneapolis, West Branch and Sao Paulo. Aimed at maximizing production capabilities and providing production back-up, this network is also working towards more efficient manufacturing. This means each customer has a global team of production units supporting them with material expertise, production assistance and R & D. More importantly, this network provides customers with peace of mind.

Can tooling

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